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Cultural Workshops/Events - Advanced

Cultural Workshop: Popular French comedy

Topic: When comedians make fun of the French language

The French language can be used both as an instrument and a target for comedy. Stand-up comedians will explain the French language - in French - through their eyes and experiences. This workshop will focus on the French language, sense of humor, and clichés and introduce francophone comedians that might interest you. 

Niveaux intermédiaire et avancé

Cultural Workshops/Events - Intermediate

Cultural Workshop: Popular French comedy

Topic: Christmas comedies and funny French references regarding the celebration of Noël

Learn more about French culture through famous comedy movies, standup comedy and comic shows. Are French people funny? Although humor is often untranslatable, it is undeniably a strong part of the French culture. Movie or comedian references are widely used in everyday life by French people both in family/friends environment and at workplace. To learn more about French sense of humor, this workshop will focus on popular video extracts from movies, shows and introduce francophone comedians that you might be interested in. 

Niveaux intermédiaire et avancé

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