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May 25 - June 8, 2020

Cultural questions about the Francophone world

30-day French Challenge

April 7 - May 6, 2020

The correct answers are in bold type.

04-07: An ethnonym is the name given to the inhabitants of a geographic place: a village, a city, a region, a province, a country or a continent. Do you know the following ethnonyms? What are the residents of Bordeaux, Fontainebleau, and Strasbourg called?

  1. Bordeausiens, fontaineblois, strasbourgeois

  2. Bordelais, fontaineblais, strasbourgeais

  3. Bordelais, bellifontains, strasbourgeois

  4. Bordelais, fontaineblois, strasbourgeais

04-08: What were the most given male names in France in 1950 and 2000?

  1. Jean / Thomas

  2. Jacques / Léo 

  3. Michel / Lucas

  4. Bernard / Hugo

More info here (1950) and here (2000)

04-09: What are the official languages of Switzerland?

  1. L’italien, l’allemand, le français

  2. L’italien, le romanche, l’allemand, le français

  3. L’italien, l’anglais, le français

  4. L’italien, l’anglais, l’allemand, le français

More info here.

04-10: Which play is NOT a play by Jean-Baptiste Poquelin, better known as Molière?

  1. L’école des femmes 

  2. Le bourgeois gentilhomme

  3. Le malade imaginaire

  4. Le mariage de Figaro

More info here.

04-11: What expression is often used in Quebec to say hello?

  1. Bonjour!

  2. Salut!

  3. Allô!

  4. Bienvenue!

04-12: According to the international organization  “La Francophonie”, how many people LEARN French (French as a Second Language) and in French (study partially or totally in French) in the world?

  1. 132 millions

  2. 56 millions

  3. 428 millions

  4. 27 millions

More info here and here.

04-13: During this holiday, can you find the right answer to this riddle in French? 

  1. Un-neuf-deux-pied-chat 

  2. Un-oeuf-dés-empreintes-chat

  3. Un-oeuf-deux-pas-queue

  4. Un-neuf-dés-pas-chat

04-14: All these common names are also French female first names, except 1 name: in which list is it found?

  1. Tartine, Clémentine, Rose

  2. Violette, Aurore, Avril

  3. Ambre, Flore, Reine

  4. Hyacinthe, Marguerite, Marine

04-15: What are the main ingredients to cook a traditional "Quiche Lorraine"?

  1. Puff pastry, eggs, bacon, cheese

  2. Shortcrust pastry, eggs, crème fraîche, cheese

  3. Puff pastry, bacon, cheese, crème fraîche

  4. Shortcrust pastry, eggs, bacon, crème fraîche

More info here and here.

04-16: The Eiffel Tower was built for one of the Paris International Exhibitions (Exposition Universelle). What year was it built?
Hint: It was created the same year as the Alliance Française de San Francisco!

  1. 1878

  2. 1889

  3. 1900

  4. 1937

04-17: Which famous French singer was called the French Elvis Presley?

  1. Johnny Hallyday

  2. Charles Aznavour

  3. Claude François

  4. Georges Brassens

04-18: In which film did the actor Jean Dujardin NOT act? 

  1. OSS117

  2. Brice

  3. The Artist

  4. James Bond - The World is Not Enough

04-19: This Belgian author became an American citizen in 1947. She was elected member of the Belgian Academy of French Language and Literature and she was the first woman elected member of the French Academy. Who is she?

  1. George Sand

  2. Marguerite Yourcenar

  3. Amélie Nothomb

  4. Simone Veil

04-20: In what state can you attend the race “Grand Prix of Monte-Carlo”?

  1. France

  2. Québec

  3. Belgique

  4. Monaco

04-21: Do you know this French acronym: SNCF? What does it mean?

  1. Sortirons-Nous du Confinement Finalement?

  2. Salon National de la Consommation de Fromage

  3. Société Nationale des Chemins de fer Français

  4. Site National pour la Circulation Facile

04-22: What are the popular hashtags shared within the Francophone community for Earth Day on April 22, 2020?

  1. #JourdelaTerreChezSoi

  2. #jourdelaterre

  3. #22gestespourlaplanete

  4. All of the above!

04-23: Find the odd name among these unisex first names?

  1. Pierre

  2. Dominique

  3. Alix

  4. Camille

More info here.

04-24: Who is the author of the novel “L’écume des jours” (Froth on the Daydream) published in 1947?Clue 1: This year we celebrate the 100th anniversary of his birth.
Clue 2: You will find his name in the description of the Literature class starting on May 2 at the AFSF: his book has been selected for the next course.

  1. Boris Vian

  2. Jean-Paul Sartre

  3. Albert Camus

  4. Joseph Kessel

More info here .

04-25: What is the name of the French actress who played the role of Edith Piaf in the film "La vie en Rose"?

  1. Catherine Deneuve

  2. Marion Cotillard

  3. Sophie Marceau

  4. Bérénice Béjo

04-26: From which French-speaking African country did the artist Manu Dibango (nicknamed “Papagroove”) come?

  1. Ivory Coast

  2. Senegal

  3. Cameroon

  4. Congo

More info here.

04-27: Which region of France is known for Calvados, cider, and camembert?

  1. La Bretagne

  2. L’Auvergne

  3. La Bourgogne

  4. La Normandie

More info here.

04-28: What is this expression often said in Spring?

  1. En avril, mangez des patates; en mai, mangez des tomates!

  2. En avril, ne sors pas sans ton parapluie; en mai, sors le parasol!

  3. En avril, ne te découvre pas d’un fil; en mai, fais ce qu’il te plaît!

  4. En avril, apéro à 19 heures; en mai, apéro à 20 heures!

04-29: In which film does the French actress Audrey Tautou help people around her while showing us around the Montmartre district in Paris?

  1. Da Vinci Code (The Da Vinci Code)

  2. Le fabuleux destin d’Amélie Poulain (Amélie)

  3. Coco avant Chanel (Coco before Chanel)

  4. Ensemble c’est tout (Hunting and Gathering)

04-30: I am a region of France known for my volcanoes and my health resorts (spas). Who am I?

  1. L’Auvergne - Rhône-Alpes

  2. Les Pays de la Loire

  3. La Bourgogne - Franche-Comté

  4. La Corse

05-01: What is the name of this typical dish from the South-Eastern area of France and made with Mediterranean fishes (monkfish, scorpion fish, gurnard, bass, conger ...)?

  1. Une soupe de poissons

  2. Une bouillabaisse

  3. Une tapenade

  4. Des sashimis

05-02: What French-speaking region does the singer Céline Dion come from?

  1. Le Québec (Canada)

  2. La Wallonie (Belgique)

  3. La Louisiane (U.S.A)

  4. La Romandie (Suisse)

05-03: Among these famous names in the History of France, there are two kings, a president, and an emperor. Which one was emperor?

  1. Charles de Gaulle (1890 - 1970)

  2. Louis XIV (1638 - 1715)

  3. Napoléon I (1769 - 1821)

  4. François I (1497 - 1547)

More info here (Charles de Gaulle),  here (Louis XIV), here (Napoléon I), and here (François I)

05-04: The Poutine, a dish you can mainly taste in Quebec, is made of:

  1. Purée de pommes de terre, viande hachée et blé d’inde (Mashed potatoes, minced meat and corn)

  2. Sirop d’érable et haricots (Maple syrup and beans)

  3. Bière et canneberges (Beer and cranberries)

  4. Frites, fromage et sauce (Fries, cheese, and gravy)

More info here.

05-05: Among these statements about the differences between the Tradition baguette and the classic baguette, which ones are true:

  1. The traditional baguette is made on site and is not frozen before being baked.

  2. The classic baguette contains additives.

  3. The traditional baguette requires a short fermentation time.

  4. The classic baguette is drier than the traditional baguette.

More info here.

05-06: This is the last question of our 30-day challenge. Take the time to answer, this question is the most challenging!
This week we will commemorate the 75th anniversary of the recognition of the defeat of Germany, the laying down of arms, and the end of the fighting in Europe (May 8, 1945). What is the correct word to express what we commemorate on May 8th each year?
Clue:  Historian Thierry Lentz explains this in an interview with Le Figaro

  1. Une armistice

  2. Une capitulation militaire

  3. Un traité de paix

  4. Un armistice

More info here.

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