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Grammar & Pronunciation (elementary level)

This is a 4 week Grammar/Pronunciation course designed for the Elementary (A2) level. 

Each week you will cover Grammar and Pronunciation points as listed below. 

1. Semaine 1 : La liaison et les enchaînements + raconter des évènements passés, présents et futurs. We will learn how to read smoothly with the “liaison” and “enchaînement” while using verbs to describe the past, present and future.

2. Semaine 2 : Les règles d’accentuation + exprimer son opinion. We will learn how to stress words in a sentence to sound more natural while learning how to express an opinion orally.

3. Semaine 3 : Les voyelles problématiques + poser et répondre à des questions basiques. We will cover the difficult vowels sounds that are different in French while practicing asking and answering simple questions about yourself, your family, your daily life…

4. Semaine 4 : Le « r » français + conditionnel présent VS futur simple. We will learn how to properly pronounce the French « r » and practice our conjugations of the future and conditional and talk about projects and plans.

Program for 2021

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