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Grammar & Pronunciation (Beginner level)

This is a 4 week Grammar/Pronunciation course designed for the Beginner (A1) level. 

Each week you will cover Grammar and Pronunciation points as listed below:

1. Semaine 1 : Introduction à la phonétique + se présenter facilement. We will cover the alphabet, differences and similarities between French and other languages and basic rules while learning how to introduce yourself, spell your name, and conjugate basic verbs.

2. Semaine 2 : Les lettres finales non prononcées et le « e » muet + poser des questions. We will learn how to pronounce ending letters and the silent “e” in French while learning how to ask questions about basic things in French.

3. Semaine 3 : Les voyelles nasales et décrire sa maison. We will introduce the famous nasale vowels in French while learning the rooms of the house, the objects and how to describe your home.

4. Semaine 4 : Le « u », « ou » et « e » + décrire sa routine et ses loisirs. We will cover how to pronounce the three similar sounds “u”, “ou” and “e” while learning how to describe your routine and hobbies.

Program for 2021

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