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Café Conversation

 A screen shouldn’t keep us from chatting and sharing a coffee together!

We invite you to the Café Conversation Workshop to have a discussion in French with our teacher Yasmine and other attendees. Every month we choose a different topic for a discussion. 

Starting January, 2021, Café Conversation will take place every month (on the 4th Friday of each month) from 9:30 am to 10:30 am

This workshop is designed for levels Intermediate 3 (A2-3) and above (A2-4, A2-5, B1, B2, C1). 
Not sure what your level is? Take our free online placement test.

How to join the workshop:
After registering for the workshop, you will receive an email with a zoom link. 
On the scheduled date, click on the zoom link and wait for the teacher to let you in the discussion room. 

For any questions, contact us at or

Here is the 2021 program:

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Café Conversation

Café Conversation Workshop (09/24)

Café Conversation

Les nouveaux livres français à lire de 2021

Café Conversation Workshop (10/08)

Café Conversation

Les expressions françaises (idioms) deuxième édition

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