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Discuss the latest news & practice your French  with fellow French enthusiasts!

Keep up to date with the latest news while improving your French!

Whether it be in a newspaper, on the radio or on TV, following the news in another language is an excellent way to improve your comprehension of a language and a country’s culture.

Did a story on the news catch your attention? Has an article in “Le Monde” (famous French paper) piqued your interest? Did you get hooked on that last interview you heard on France Inter (French radio station)?

Come talk about it in this "Point actualités" every first Tuesday of the month and ask your questions. 
(This activity was previously called "Brunch News and Conversation".)

How does it work?

Each person chooses a news topic that they would like to talk about. After a short presentation of their topic to the others, the group will discuss it all together.

The activity is in French and will be hosted by our French teacher Coline Lebeau !

Who is it for?

Those with either an advanced or a superior level (B1 to C2) in French. If you aren’t sure about your level of French, you can take this free placement test online with immediate results!

Where can I find news topics?

Here are a few sources to help you get started :

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