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Monet Exhibit at the De Young Museum

It is easy to experience the French living in the San Francisco Bay Area. In San Francisco, it often feels that there is constantly something  for Francophiles to do happening all around town.

That is where this blog comes into play. In these blog posts we will document everything to do French wise occurring  in the San Francisco Bay Area. Our hope is that the readers and people involved with the Alliance Francaise will be inspired to live the French life without purchasing an expensive plane ticket to a French speaking country.

One of the most recent escapades one can do to experience the French life locally is the Monet exhibit at the De Young Museum in San Francisco’s Golden Gate park.

Having visited the exhibit opening weekend, I can honestly say that it was an exhibit not to be missed. The exhibit deals with Monet’s later work from 1913 to 1926  when he was experiencing personal tragedies. Despite being incredibly heartbroken during this time Monet as always still made exceptional and beautiful artwork.

Most of the paintings displayed in the museum are pictures of his water lilies and wisteria from his gardens in Giverny, a village outside of Paris.The paintings are beyond gorgeous and it easily makes you want to visit the very gardens outside of Paris where Monet  painted most of these works..

The color palette is especially beautiful and soothing with is cool colors and light pops of pink. One of the things most aesthetically pleasing about the impressionist art period is how much they valued leisure and how a simple painting of water lily could bring such inner peace to the observer.

The other aspect that viewers of the exhibit will appreciate is Monet’s approach to creating his masterpieces.  If you look far away from a Monet painting you will see a full landscape. However, when you look at a Monet up close you see that the majority of his work is composed of tiny brush strokes and dots.

It truly is amazing that Monet had the talent to create such amazing artwork the way with his unique painting techniques, and the fact that he remained prolific despite the hardship occurring in his later years is a strength to admire.

Overall, if you are looking to get a taste of French culture look no further than the Monet The Late Years Exhibit  happening at the De Young from now until May 27th 2019. (Side note the gift shop at the end of the exhibit has a bunch of cool stuff, especially if you love flowers).

The only thing we can regret is the lack of French explanation .... 

I hope you do not miss out on the exhibit. Thanks so much for reading!

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