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The 7th annual Partir en Livre series of events takes place throughout France, from June 30 to July 25, 2021, around the theme “Mer et merveilles” (Sea and wonders). Conveniently timed with the completion of the school year, this annual celebration keeps reading top of mind as children head off on summer vacations with their families.

Have you considered what a group course can bring to you ?
Here is a sample of what students say about what they like in their (online) French group courses at the Alliance Française de San Francisco.

Do you know that people speak specific regional languages in several regions of France, also more commonly called “patois”? Although these regional languages are not considered official languages, they are taught in schools where the dialect is spoken.

Are you interested in speaking French like a native? One of the ways to master your French is to learn expressions and idioms to describe situations and talk about daily life. 

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