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Tucked away on the French Riviera, the principality of Monaco is a city-state full of history and charm, where the Grimaldi family has reigned for hundreds of years. So what should you discover in the principality? We offer you a roundup of 10 things you absolutely must do if you visit Monaco!

Watching French movies and television series advances your language learning progress. And now your AFSF Culturetheque e-library offers you access to  great new service using French film extracts and games to deepen your understanding and absorb what you have learned through film.

As part of the 400th anniversary of the birth of Jean de la Fontaine and the year of reading aloud, AFSF teachers and students worked on fables and reading for an inter-class project this summer 2021. Students of all levels were invited to read aloud a fable and record themselves (video or just audio). Discover their work...

Bonjour French Films is a class that touches all facets of cinema to help people discover its richness. The students are led to discover a new way of appreciating the short films and trailers, the extracts, the posters, the actors and finally, the synopsis of a film which will be support of exchanges and discussions. A fun way to continue to progress in French and to discover the Francophonie!

Listening to music is not only a great way to learn new vocabulary, but also to learn more about French culture through the lens of different artists. Discover some Francophone artists here...

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