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It is well known that many Quebecers use many funny expressions in their daily conversations. Indeed, Quebecois French is a dynamic language that offers a lot of unusual expressions, slang terms, and turns of phrase.
Discover here 5 funny Quebec expressions, their literal translations and their meanings! 

In the mood for a little sweetness? Discover the recipe for maple syrup pie, a traditional Canadian pie from Quebec. It will delight young and old alike!

Hachis Parmentier is a classic French recipe that is pure cold-weather comfort food. It's perhaps best described as the French version of Shepherd's Pie. It combines seasoned beef with a layer of potato puree and is topped with gruyere cheese.

Each year in France, the authors of the best novels are awarded official literary prizes - including the prestigious Prix Goncourt, Prix Femina, Prix Renaudot, and more - with winners announced right before the holiday season.

It is well known that France is the country of cheese! It is even a national pride. Since when have we eaten it? How do we differentiate them? How many of them are there? Why is cheese so loved by the French?

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