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The Comoros is an archipelago located in West Africa, in the Indian Ocean. It is a former French colony which included Mayotte until their independence in 1975.

The national languages of Comoros are French, Arabic and Comorian. This mix of European, Indian and African, and Arab culture has resulted in a rich and amazing musical heritage and culture!

Discover the Comoros, as you have never seen them before!

You may already know Bill from his past contribution to our blog, here, he comes back with a piece on Paris after the pandemic. Discover his photos, and follow his journey through the most iconic places in the French capital city.   

The word "far" comes from the Breton word "farz forn" which means "far au four" and from the Latin word "épeautre" which means "spelt" which is a cereal-based preparation. As you can see, the recipe of the day is of Breton origin, is mainly made of wheat flour and is baked in the oven!

As France takes over the presidency of the European Union in a context of geopolitical upheaval, the Night of Ideas proposes to bring together artists, philosophers, writers and thinkers from all over the world to propose a glimpse of an answer to the question of the time: Where are we going ?

If you would like to explore french recipes, culinary magazines and videos offering up a veritable feast of options, then look no further than the AFSF Culturethèque e-library which serves up excellent resources to expand your knowledge of all things gastronomic.

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