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We will dig into useful vocabulary and expressions related to food: doing groceries, following a recipe, ordering at a restaurant, and inviting for dinner. You will also learn how to describe a city as well as how to ask for and to provide directions. Grammatically, you will know more about the negative form, imperative, how to compare, and where to use adjectives.

In this Beginner level 3 course, you will cover Units 5 and 6 of the textbook, pp 94 to 133.

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Beginner - Lunch Conversation Workshop (03/16)

Product Code: SSN2-2021-ADU-Worskhop-LC-Beg-Tu-12:30 (03/16) 2021

Age Group ADULTS
Type Beginner - Lunch Conversation Workshop
Session 2021 - Events and Workshops
Level Beginner - Level 3
Beginner - Level 4
Beginner - All courses
Beginner - Level 5
Lunch Conversation
Schedules On Tuesday, 16 Mar 2021
  • From 12:30pm to 1:30pm (Coline Lebeau)
Note: Please sign up at least 48h in advance.
Events with less than 5 attendees registered will be cancelled and credited.

Subject: Les inégalités hommes-femmes

$7.00 USD
Workshops - Black Friday/Cyber Monday: $3 off
Normally: $10

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