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Conversation Débutant (Beginner Conversation) Students must be at least at the Beginner level 3 to enroll in this course. No book necessary.
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French pronunciation - Cas particulier: le "R" français (l/h) (12/02)

Product Code: SSN6-2020-ADU-Beg-Pron-Wed-18:00 (12/02) 2020

Age Group ADULTS
Type Pronunciation
Session 2020 - Events and workshops
Level Beginner Pronunciation and Conversation
Beginner - All courses
Intermediate - All courses
Pronunciation - Beginner
Schedules On Wednesday, 02 Dec 2020
  • From 6:00pm to 7:30pm (Yasmine Ayadi)
Note: Please sign up at least 24h in advance.

Each session is composed of:

- A phonetical or grammatical presentation and explanation of the topic.

- Phonetical tools and advice on how to physically form the sound needed.

- Listening and repetition exercises

- A communicative activity: from dictée to reading, tongue twisters, or creative speaking/writing.

3. Le "R" français
In this class, we will focus exclusively on the sound « r » and its similarities with the sound “h” or “l” in French and analyze how to form the sound and be able to pronounce it properly the way French people do.

$33.60 USD
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Normally: $48
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