Covid-19 information

Covid-19 Prevention Policy


Dissemination of Policy

In order to give the AFSF community notice of this policy, the AFSF will prominently post this policy on its website, distribute it via its weekly email newsletter, distribute it to all instructors and staff, and display it near the registration desk at AFSF. 

This policy will remain in effect until the AFSF believes it is prudent to rescind the policy, at which time the AFSF will communicate the changes broadly through the same channels used to disseminate the policy.


As mentioned above, the AFSF is putting this policy in place to try to prevent the spread of Covid-19 and the Delta Variant at the AFSF. The AFSF Board and staff will not be held responsible for any case that may have arisen from someone entering the AFSF’s premises. 

People enrolling for in-person classes or exams as well as staff and volunteers working in-person at the AFSF may be required to sign a liability waiver clearing the AFSF from any responsibility regarding a potential COVID-19 or Delta Variant contraction.

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