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Today's recipe: le Croque-monsieur. A croque-monsieur is a hot sandwich, originating from France, made of bread, white ham and cheese (emmental, comté...). easy to make, easy to eat, pleases everyone, this French recipe is within everyone's reach!

The word "tajine" comes from the dish used to cook this dish. Everything is cooked in a tomato sauce. If you don't have a clay tagine, no problem. Use a casserole or a large pan with a lid. A simple, complete and comforting dish. The tagine with meatballs, also called tagine of kefta is one of the most popular tagines. Because it is very simple, quick to make and tasty !

Typical specialty of Corsica, we share with you the recipe of Cannelloni with Brocciu that many Corsican families make !

This week, the alliance celebrates the francophonie by honoring Quebec! Poutine is a traditional Quebec dish enjoyed by young and old alike. Poutine is a classic Quebec dish made up of three elements: French fries, cheese curds and brown gravy. Poutine originated in Central Quebec in the late 1950s. What makes its originality is its brown sauce called « gravy ».

Cari or curry is a general name for some of the main dishes of Reunionese and Mauritian cuisine. This name derives from the Indian curry, which is pronounced kari in Tamil, the language of one of the ethnic components of Reunion Island and Mauritius. A dish of Reunionese origin, the best chicken curries are eaten in the old Creole families, by the sea or near lush vegetation.

We continue our world of culinary francophonie. Today, for the end of the meal or the snack, the favorite cake of the French: le Fraisier. This traditional French Fraisier cake, made with two layers of sponge cake, Diplomat cream, strawberry syrup and fresh strawberries, is the most delicious summer cake filled with fresh berries!

Hummus is a Middle Eastern classic for a reason. Smooth, creamy, and with a uniquely rich taste, it’s a frequent addition to dinner tables across Lebanon. Every home cook has their own version. This delightful recipe keeps it simple but will definitely make you feel good. There are only four ingredients in this super-easy, quick, convenient, and delicious recipe.

Tarte Flambée is a culinary tradition of great importance in Alsace, the history of the tarte flambée has peasant origins. The famous pie was made during the baking of bread in the farms. The first flambéed tarts would go back to the Middle Ages and would originate from the north of Alsace.

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