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Adult or kids Group classes 

The Alliance Française of San Francisco, as a community-supported and locally-run nonprofit cultural center, wishes you to have a very positive experience, both as a student and as a member. Please note the following important policies.

Enrollment Policies

The AFSF is a non-profit, non political, non-discriminatory organization operated locally.

Tuition and fees must be paid in full at time of registration. In exceptional cases, two payments can me made with the consent of the Director of Studies. Acceptable forms of payment are check, money order (payable to Alliance Française de San Francisco), or credit card (Visa & MasterCard). When a student's employer pays course fees, an authorization letter from the employer is required.

1. Enrollment: Registrations are accepted in the order received until the class is declared full (12 students).

2. A minimum of four enrollments is required to open a class. If this quota is not met, students already enrolled in such class will be offered alternative courses, or will be offered a reduced number of hours as follows:

4 enrollments: Full course duration,
3 enrollments: 75% of course duration,
2 enrollments: 50% of course duration

3. A complimentary one-year Individual Membership with the Alliance Française of San Francisco is given to all students who register for a class that is eight weeks or longer in duration. Membership benefits include borrowing privileges with our large multimedia library and our online library, Culturethèque, as well as discounts to certain Alliance events. Please note that registrations for workshops are not eligible for this complimentary membership, and that memberships are nonrefundable and nontransferable

4. Non-beginner students who have not previously studied at the Alliance Française must have taken a placement test.

Course Cancellations and Changes

The Alliance Française of San Francisco reserves the right to cancel courses, adjust curriculum or change teachers at any time during the session. New classes must reach a minimum enrollment of four students in order for the class to open. Current classes must have a minimum of three students enrolled 24 hours prior to the start date to be maintained. Courses are typically cancelled due to insufficient enrollment (minimum of 4 students), unavailability of an instructor, or inability to schedule appropriate instructional space. If your course is cancelled, you will be notified by telephone or e- mail and given the option to transfer, to receive a credit or to be fully refunded.

Withdrawals and Refunds

1. Class withdrawals must be made in writing, addressed to the Noemie Causse, noemie@afsf.com and should include a request for either a refund or a class credit. 

2. Tuition refunds are possible during the first week only of an eight-week session and a $50 administrative fee is deducted from all refunds. Otherwise, a class credit, not redeemable for cash, will be issued up to the end of the fourth week of an eight-week session. This credit is valid for 1 year from the date it was issued. Classes attended before receipt of a withdrawal notice will be deducted from from the refund/credit. Students who register during the course of a session are not entitled to a class credit or refund. if students are going to miss from 1 to 2 classes, and they let the office know prior to or at the beginning of the they ca make arrangements with the school director for a make-up class.

3. Refunds are not issued for membership, books and other instructional material.

Tuition Credit

A non-transferable tuition credit (valid for 1 year from the date of issue) minus a $50 processing fee may be granted to a student who wishes to withdraw from a course, only when the student provides the Language Center with written notice of his or her intent to withdraw before the 3rd class of a session. School credit will be processed based on the number of remaining hours in the course once written notice of intent to withdraw is received by the Alliance Francaise. Written requests can be submitted to afsf@afsf.com or in person at the Alliance Française. All classes up to and including the date of the credit request will be deducted from the remaining hours. Students are not entitled to a credit for a course where a previous credit was used as full or partial payment of course fees and for private lesson packages.


Missed classes are non-refundable. However, students who miss a class are welcome to contact our office for a complimentary make up class in another group class of the equivalent level and length in time. Make up classes must be scheduled within the same session and limits of availability. Students must contact the Alliance Française by email to afsf@afsf.com before the date of the class in order to have their request approved. Students are encouraged to contact their teachers via email to obtain missed work or assignments. A maximum of two make up classes per session will be accepted.

PRIVATE classes


  1. Class times are decided by the student and the teacher. Different rates apply for classes held off the Alliance Française premises and for semi-private classes.
  2. The student decides the content of the classes. Make sure to let the Director of Education and your instructor know of your class content requirements in advance to ensure the best preparation.
  3. The Alliance Française de San Francisco requests that you purchase a minimum of 10 hours of instruction at the time of registration. Fees entitle students to a free one-year membership to the Alliance Française (benefits include access to the library and to social and cultural events, as well as other various promotions, etc).
  4. Payment can be made in cash, by check or credit card (Visa or MasterCard). Payment must be made in advance at the time of scheduling the class. 

Very Important

In case of cancellation, a minimum 24-hour notice is required; otherwise, the entire duration of the missed class is forfeited.

No refunds will be given for private classes, but the amount may be transferred upon agreement for group classes partially or in totality (during the same calendar year).

Purchased private classes are valid for 1 calendar year starting from the date of purchase.

No discount is available for private classes. 





$100 deposit per child per session is due at the time of registration in order to secure your camper’s spot in camp.  This is a non-refundable deposit barring medical issues (see below).


When we reserve a spot for you, we are prohibiting others from signing up as we have limited space available.  There are no camp sick-day credits.


First, we would like to encourage you to simply move to another session so your child can have the experience of our camps. However, we understand that things come up and you may need to cancel all together. To do so, please call or email us with this information.

If you need to cancel for any reason and would like a partial refund, or transfer you must notify camps@afsf.com and copy afsf@afsf.com at least 30 Days out from your selected session.



We understand that medical issues may arise over the year or just as your child is set to attend camp.  Please call us as soon as possible to inform us of your need to cancel Cancellation requests due to illness or accident prior to the camp session start date require a physician’s written verification. Upon receipt of verification, we will issue a full refund.  If you child is sick and there is time and room, we will work with you to switch your camper to a later session.


Switching from one session to another is definitely possible, though it depends on your timing. If you decide you want to transfer to another session, and spots are available in that session, you’ll need to pay a $50 transfer fee. Requests to switch sessions must be made in writing to camps@afsf.com and must be made prior to 30 Days out from camp.

Registration is only transferable during the same calendar year from original camp registration date.

If clarification on this policy is needed or you have any questions please feel free to email camps@afsf.com.



If you need to transfer your registration to someone else, you must notify us and do so prior to 30 days out from camp. There will be a $50 transfer processing fee. Cancellations and transfer requests must be in writing, by emailing to camps@afsf.com.

You cannot transfer your registration to a session next year or to a following season. Registrations can only be transferred within the same calendar year.

We reserve the right to cancel a session date if participation numbers are not adequate. You may select an alternative session date, or you may request a full refund of tuition paid. Cancellations of sessions will occur a minimum of one week prior to the session.

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