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Yasmine Ayadi

I grew up on a French island in the middle of the Indian Ocean. In this environment, I was exposed to diverse cultures and languages, such as Creole. This is how I came to understand how languages are a way to connect deeply with both oneself and others. 

I have a M.A. in French taught as a second language (FLE). I have taught both French and English in France and abroad. I love working alongside students of different nationalities and age-groups with various learning goals. 

In my classes, I always mix grammar, phonetics, conversational French and creative writing. I love to make learning a language fun, interactive and rewarding. You will always leave my class with more confidence and knowledge in French!  

A bientot!

What our students say: 
"Yasmine is a GREAT teacher! She made online learning so much fun! " - Summer
"J'aime le maniere dont Yasmine nous enseigne. Elle est une excellente professeur. Yasmine rend le cours amusant et elle explique trés bien les concepts. Yasmine est trés encourageante aussi." - Candy
"I like how Yasmine is challenging, but I never felt like she was judging me. I enjoy having her as my teacher" - Laura
"Yasmine is a highly skilled language teacher. She knows the curriculum and her classes are taught with precision. She is patient and understands each students’ needs. Yasemine gave me the confidence to speak French. I looked forward to every class." - Mavis
"Yasmine was great. She really engaged with the group and I learned so much. Yasmine is enthusiastic and encouraging and makes learning fun. I have always found learning languages daunting but Yasmine really kept me engaged and wanting to learn more." - Stephen
"Yasmine is an excellent teacher, I really like the different activities that she proposes to make learning French an interesting experience. She has changed the way I communicate in French in a very positive way." - Sebastian
"Yasmine was brilliant! She was well organized and all the activities were beneficial to us to speak, write, and read French. She was supportive to all of us and knew how to help each one of us with our different needs. She made the class safe so we could try our newly acquired French skills. There was never any wasted time in the class and all homework activities supported what we were learning in class." - Mavis L.
"Yasmine is the best foreign language teacher I have ever had because of her excellent teaching skills, understanding of the curriculum and her dedication to us...her students!, She. Is always well prepared and knows how to teach at our level and to know what to introduce next. She has a safe classroom for us to try our newly acquired French skills. There is never any wasted time in the class and her specific feedback has helped me grow in French. She not only knowledge, but patient and supportive as we speak, read and write French! What an amazing French instructor !" - Mavis L.

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