Coline Lebeau

I grew up in the city of light, namely Paris. I have always been surrounded by cultural energy, as I’m a musician myself too, and kept meeting people from all over the world since I was young. My love for languages and transmission got stronger when I began to be a globetrotter and lived in South America for almost two years. Lately, I was a French teacher and a cultural organizer in Bogota, Colombia.

Curious about plenty of fields, I first studied Communication. Then, I pursued a Master in Art and Social Responsibility, where I learned how to use art and alternative education to help different public to develop their aptitudes. I now use these skills into a new pedagogical approach for learning French.

My classes are as close as possible to the student’s needs, and based on spontaneous and contextual interactions. I believe that learning a foreign language is also an intercultural exchange and an enjoyable way for self-improvement !

What our students say: 
"Coline was great, really helped me on a few different areas. It's nice to have a native French speaker who can connect the dots and help us with pronunciation which is where I struggle the most at the moment. I look forward to taking more classes with Coline online." and "I highly recommend taking classes at AFSF and really enjoyed having Coline as a teacher. She kept us on our toes and made sure everyone had a chance to practice, writing, speaking and pronunciation! She's great and hope to take another class with her soon" - Adam.
"Coline was great. There were 3 of us in the class, and she did a great job adapting to all of our levels. I would definitely take a workshop or class from her again." - M.F. 

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