Arya Kamangar

A lifelong Francophile, Arya nurtured his reverence for French literature at Middlebury College, where he earned a doctorate in modern languages.  He wrote his dissertation on characterization through body language in Proust’s In Search of Lost Time.  Now in his seventh year of teaching at the Alliance Française, Arya’s always happy to suggest a book for you to read!

What our students say:
"Arya is a knowledgeable teacher with lots of examples from the literature, He is great!." - K.S.
"Arya makes it a point to include all students in discussions. He encourages us to read out loud, write, and speak to expand our capacity to communicate and understand French. One technique he employs is to give us complementary activities that deepen our understanding of the book we are reading: videos, secondary readings, vocal performances, etc." - Renee

"Very intelligent, knowledgeable with high level of insights." - E.L.

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