Leila Hallajpour

Originally from Iran, I have spent my childhood in France /Paris.
Once back in my home country, the love of France and French language has never left me. As a Francophone and Francophile, I have always stayed in touch with French communities and continued my studies in French literature. Right after graduation, I started working in French school and German school of Tehran which lasted for over 15 years.
As a passionate and an energetic teacher, I always try to use interactive methods  to make the class more interesting and challenging.
Along with the love of teaching French, comes also my love for art and painting.
As an experienced artist/painter who is professionally active and has participated in numerous exhibitions, I have also taught art in the French and German school of Tehran and have planned several art nights workshops.
I have recently moved to the Bay area (09/21) and am so excited to be a part of Alliance française of San Francisco. So, let’s get started to learn this beautiful and classy French language together!

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What our students say:
"Leila brings a fresh perspective and interesting material to each class, quickly learns each student's abilities, and works to bring out the best in every student. In a fun environment, she makes you want to do better!" -  Bill (Conversation A-2-B1 and Club de Lecture).

"Leila is an awesome teacher. I learnt a lot from her" - (Beginner 2 student).

"Everything was excellent. Leila is such a good professor and makes the class very interesting and fun!" - (News and society student).
"Leila is the absolute best! Patient, kind and a great sense of humor. Taking her classes has helped me on my French language journey immensely and I always leave her class with a smile" - Christie (Elementary A2.3).
"Lelia is a very compassionate and encouraging French teacher" - Elsa (Elementary A2.3).
"Leila is such a great French teacher. Her patient and engaging teaching style helped me build confidence and speak with more fluency. She was always introducing a variety of topics to the class to increase vocabulary, and relevancy and of course, increase domain knowledge on different topics about modern society. She provided a range of resources and created a fun learning environment. She is a very empathetic and compassionate teacher. She meets you exactly where you are and invites you to keep getting better. Her passion and dedication to teaching French are outstanding" - Paulina (News and society).
"Leila is incredibly skilled as an instructor: experienced, skilled and knowledgeable. She is also encouraging, patient and very fun. I improved through our exercises, both in class and homework, but also by Leila's suggestions and tips for how to tackle learning a language. Merci Beaucoup!" - Linda (Conversation A2 ).
"Leila is the absolute best! She takes her time every class to make sure we understand the subject, the key points for us to get out of each lesson, and provides helpful feedback to improve pronunciation. She does an amazing job linking the topics to our daily lives to help make the lesson more relatable and easier to understand. She also consistently encourages us and provides important reminders for how we can improve our French language abilities. Beyond being a wonderful teacher, she is also an amazing person and can’t help but show how much she cares for her students and her excitement with all of our progress. I knew each time I joined class I would be greeted with a smile and genuine interest in how we’ve been since our last class. I cannot recommend Leila enough and cannot thank her enough for all of her help and support she’s provided me since I’ve been in her classes." Michael (Intermediate B1-2 student)
"Leila is a fantastic teacher. Very engaging and friendly. She made each class fun and I look forward to the next session with her!" - Richard (Club de lecture)

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