Laetitia Bussy

Laetitia, a native French speaker, is a passionate linguist who has been sharing her love for the French language and culture since the age of 20 when she joined the French Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs. Her role within the Ministry allowed her to promote France, the French language, and its rich culture in diverse locations, including Paris, Santo Domingo, New York, Mumbai, and New Orleans.

Her academic background includes a B.A. in Applied Modern Languages in English and Spanish, a Master's Degree in Languages, Localization, and Multimedia, and a University Degree for Teaching French as a Foreign Language (DuFLE).

Laetitia recently relocated to the Bay Area and began teaching at the Alliance Française de San Francisco in September 2022. She brings her experience, enthusiasm, love for travel and diverse cultures to her students while continuing to learn and grow in her teaching journey. She enjoys teaching French through a variety of methods, including games, real-life situations, Francophone songs and comedy, and the use of languages in technology, as well as the fine nuances of translation and localization, providing her students with a comprehensive understanding of the French language from different angles.

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